Vietnam I

landing in a south east asian country under darkness is like nothing else in the world. everything hits you at once; the noise, the lights, the heat, producing an energy that is bewildering, confusing, terrifying, but seductive and thrilling at the same time. weaving through the city on the back of a bike thumbed down at the airport because the taxi’s are ‘too expensive’, despite costing no more than a Pret sandwich gives you a thrilling perspective. constantly turning your head to take everything in; the smell, the sights, the lights. the lights are so bright and they’re everywhere, the smells are overwhelming and hit you from every direction; car fumes, street food, rubbish. 

like i said, there’s nothing like it. 

i’d temporarily forgotten what it was like when i landed in vietnam in april 2013,  but after 10 minutes i had remembered; my senses assaulted by the speed at which the city lives. you have no choice, you stay, adapting quickly, or you leave, fast.

i decided to stay, for a month - as long as my single entry vietnamese visa, and my english job would let me.